07 November 2023

SOCAR AQS will drill the first gas condensate well from the platform No. 18 at the Bulla-deniz field



SOCAR AQS, a leading provider of integrated drilling and well services, is excited to announce the upcoming drilling of the first exploration gas condensate well from the platform No. 18 at the Bulla-deniz field for SOCAR’s Azneft PU.

The official ceremony on this occasion took place on 27 October,  at the platform No.18, located offshore, in the Bulla field.

The event was attended by a delegation from SOCAR, Azneft PU and the Neftgaztikinti trust. 

Noteworthy, for the first time in SOCAR's history, the Bulla-deniz field will have a vertical exploration well drilled to the Pre Kirmaky formation horizon, and the Pre Kirmaky formation will undergo distinct geological-geophysical explorations.

Elchin Agakishiyev, Advisor to the President of SOCAR and member of the board of directors of SOCAR AQS: "The drilling project planned for the Bulla-deniz field is crucial to Azerbaijan's energy strategy and marks the start of a significant endeavor."

Shahmar Huseynov, General Director of Azneft PU: "Bulla-deniz possesses immense reserves, and this new well is crucial for boosting production. I am confident that our long-term partner, SOCAR AQS, with their advanced technologies and specialists, will successfully complete the drilling process."

Samir Mollayev, General Director of SOCAR AQS: “The drilling project, which will be implemented from platform No. 18 in the Bulla-deniz field is one of our proud and responsible works. There are high production expectations, and as a team we will successfully meet them using cutting-edge technologies and the help of our professional drillers.”

The delegation participating in the event met with the oil workers on the platform, congratulated them on this significant occasion, and wished them success.  

SOCAR AQS, when drilling the exploration well with a design depth of 6050 meters, will utilize a 3000HP drilling rig, manufactured by Bentec, one of the industry's top providers of efficient and high-quality equipment.

It should be noted that, to date, SOCAR AQS has successfully drilled a total of three wells from the Bulla-deniz field.