05 June 2024

SOCAR AQŞ Celebrates World Environment Day


SOCAR AQS held an event dedicated to World Environment Day to raise awareness among its employees and promote sustainable practices within the company.

The event discussed the main priority areas and many environmental issues within the framework of the theme of World Environment Day 2024 “Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience”, as well as embracing the spirit of the “Green World Solidarity Year”.

During the event, Samir Mollayev, the General Director of SOCAR AQS, emphasized the importance of World Environment Day. He highlighted the company's continuous efforts to protect the environment, reduce its environmental footprint, and stressed the importance of collective action in preserving the environment for future generations.

The interactive event, involving different departments, featured activities such as tree planting initiatives, training sessions on plant care best practices, and a range of educational competitions. 

This event, whose main goal is to raise environmental awareness among employees, once again emphasized the importance of taking steps to protect our planet and create a greener world for future generations. It highlighted that each of us has a responsibility in this direction.

At SOCAR AQS, we are committed to upholding the highest environmental standards throughout all our operations to ensure drilling services are delivered with minimal environmental impact. 

As part of our corporate goals, we focus on reducing and recycling waste generated by our activities, promoting the efficient use of natural resources, organizing our work environment in alignment with international environmental standards, and conducting thorough assessments and management of all environmental aspects.