30 January 2024

SOCAR AQS wins "Best Integrated Drilling and Well Services Management Company" award



We are pleased to announce that SOCAR AQS, a leading provider of integrated drilling and well services, has been honored with the prestigious "Best Integrated Drilling and Well Services Management Company" award at the International Finance Awards. 

This high recognition was presented to SOCAR AQS during a ceremony held on January 18 in Dubai, organized by International Finance Publications Limited, a leading trade and financial magazine based in the UK. The gala event brought together industry leaders and executives from the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa to celebrate outstanding achievements in various fields.

Fuad Behbud, Deputy General Director of SOCAR AQS, attended the event as an award recipient on behalf of the company. He said: "We are honored to receive this prestigious award for best integrated drilling and well services company. This award has been made possible solely due to the diligent efforts of committed SOCAR AQS team members. I firmly believe that this marks the start of numerous prosperous years ahead, filled with significant achievements to be celebrated in the future.” 

SOCAR AQS, founded in 2007, has consistently demonstrated its commitment to excellence in the field of oil and gas drilling. With decades of experience, the company has pioneered innovative approaches in the country's drilling industry, offering advanced drilling technologies and applying new management techniques to provide safe and reliable solutions to its clients.

Moreover, SOCAR AQS is a member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors since 2009, fully complying with all applicable international standards. This award further strengthens the company's reputation for maintaining the highest industry standards and serving as a benchmark of excellence in the global drilling and well services management sector.

The “Best Integrated Drilling and Well Services Management Company” award highlights SOCAR AQS’s operational excellence, commitment to innovation and providing high-quality services to its clients.

Looking to the future, SOCAR AQS remains steadfast in its mission to push boundaries, leverage technological advances and set new standards of excellence in the global energy sector. Through our unwavering focus on safety, efficiency and sustainability, we strive to provide innovative solutions that not only meet but exceed the needs of our customers and the industry at large.