09 October 2023

SOCAR AQS successfully completes another complex drilling project



For the first time in the history of SOCAR, SOCAR AQS has drilled side track well on the platform No. 8 in the Guneshli field, one of the most complex projects in the drilling context.

The sidetrack well was successfully drilled into the Fasila formation and delivered to SOCAR's Azneft Production Unit, SOCAR AQS’ long term client. 

The sidetrack well was safely drilled to a depth of 2,985 meters with a whipstock installed in the 6 5/8" production casing, and a dual casing exit was performed. During the drilling operations, real-time monitoring of pressure, formation changes and directional control was conducted.

After the well was drilled to the target depth, a 4 ½” production liner was successfully run into the hole using customized liner hanger equipment.

Taking into account the presence of layers prone to losses, SOCAR AQS has cemented the production liner using new technologies for the first time in the well. The production liner was tested according to the plan along with the wellhead equipment, the facility has been put into operation according to the targets set by the customer Azneft PU and the well was delivered for completion resulting in high production rate. 

Samir Mollayev, SOCAR AQS General Director, said: "The drilling of sidetrack wells is very important for increasing the production rate of many wells that have been in operation for many years. So, in order to restore the production of more than 300 wells in the Guneshli field, the drilling of sidetrack wells is of particular importance. This will contribute to ensuring the sustainability of oil production in the country, increasing well productivity and improving the efficiency of drilling operations." 

SOCAR's Azneft Production Unit played an exceptional role, being part of the team during the designing and drilling of the well, and contributed to the high quality and proper completion of the operations. 

Drilling operations were carried out in accordance with the requirements of health, safety and environmental protection. At present, completion works are being successfully continued. 


SOCAR AQS is an integrated drilling and well services management company established in 2007 between State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), Nobel Energy and Absheron Qazma LLC (AQS).


The company has many years of experience in the field of oil and gas well drilling industry while providing advanced drilling technologies and applying new management methods. SOCAR AQS has pioneered innovative approach in the national drilling industry, and it has a proven track record of excellence in delivering safe and reliable solutions.


SOCAR AQS is a member of International Association of Drilling Contractors since 2009, and it has fully complied with all applicable international standards.