05 September 2023

SOCAR AQS: Empowering future talents through internship programme


We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our summer internship programme, which has provided invaluable practical experience to four talented students from different universities.


SOCAR AQS is committed to developing young talent and this internship programme provides students a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience and understanding of the drilling industry.


Throughout their internship, the students demonstrated dedication, making significant contributions to the organization.


Tural Ismayilov, a Petroleum Engineering student at Baku Higher Oil School, shared his thoughts on the SOCAR AQS summer internship programme. In his overall assessment, Tural emphasized that the programme greatly contributed to the improvement of both his soft and hard skills. He also said that the programme provided him the opportunity to immerse himself in the real world of engineering, gaining practical experience and getting to know various aspects of the industry.


The interns actively participated in various projects, collaborating with the team members and showcasing their ability to work efficiently under supervision. Murad Niftiyev, Petroleum Engineering student at ASOIU reflected about his internship. For Murad, one of the valuable moments of the internship was his active participation in actual drilling projects. This hands-on experience allowed him to witness various stages of drilling process, from planning to execution.


Throughout the intensive internship programme, each student was assigned to specific departments within SOCAR AQS. Amina Rajabaliyeva, a Business Administration student at ASOIU, and an intern at the Procurement and Supply chain department, shared her feedback about the programme. Firstly, Amina mentioned that she learned important skills related to supplier selection. This includes understanding the criteria for selecting suppliers, evaluating their capabilities, and identifying potential risks. Another aspect that Amina appreciated was the emphasis on supplier relationship management, as this is essential to a successful operation.


Under the guidance of experienced professionals, the interns actively participated in various tasks and projects that aligned with their academic backgrounds and interests. Osman Rzayev, a Structural Engineering student at Baku Engineering University, also showed great enthusiasm for the internship programme. He said, he was particularly captivated by the opportunity to visit construction sites and witness the practical implementation of engineering concepts. This experience significantly impacted his perspective on the field of structural engineering.


Samir Mollayev, General Director of SOCAR AQS, during a meeting with the interns, expressed his satisfaction with the performance of the interns, stating: “I am proud that our company hosted such exceptional young talents in our internship programme. Their innovative ideas, enthusiasm, and dedication brought fresh perspectives to our operations. I am confident that each of them will become the future leaders of the energy industry.”


We are immensely proud of the exceptional performance displayed by all our talented interns throughout the duration of the programme. As they conclude their internships, we extend our gratitude for their dedication, hard work, and valuable contributions. We wish them continued success in their academic pursuits and future careers, confident that they will make significant positive impacts wherever they go.